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Words and songs of courage and encouragement for a dry and weary land

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Words and songs of courage and encouragement for a dry and weary land



Why Radio?

Our recording ministry has its humble beginnings in tapes and CDs. Spreading the Gospel through audio was costly, and so was recording studio equipment. As technology advanced so did our ability to reach hearts and minds more cost effectively and on a much bigger scale. Now through the miracle of streaming radio we can send encouraging words and music worldwide for a fraction of the cost of other means. Your support keeps us online – and reaching. If you’ve been blessed by this ministry, please pray for us so we can continue reaching. And if so impressed, please consider donating. Your monthly or one time donation helps us send truth and hope around the world!

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Encouraging Programs

Christ Centered

Keep your mind, heart and thoughts centered on Jesus by listening to our Christ centered messages and teachings any time throughout the day or night, and share these messages easily with those you love.

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Encouraging Music

Hope filled, encouraging original music and hymns to lift your spirit and fortify your mind with the calm assurance of Jesus’ presence and unfailing love.

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Relevant Messages

There is no doubt we are living in Earth’s last moments. With trouble, distress, and confusion increasing it is more important than ever for our minds and hearts to be filled with relevant, practical truth.

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The Luther Project

In a time when the world is striving to remove God from every where,we invite you to lift Jesus up with us and come return to the Word of God – for good.

“Here I Stand, On God’s Word Alone. I Can Do No Other. May God Help Me.” Martin Luther, Reformer.

This is one of the most important and timely messages of these last days.
Please consider donating to support this important project and help us send the message of truth out to the world

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Martin Luther Champion Of The Lord - Audio Book
Calvary Share CD by Solemn Appeal Ministries


The timeless message of the story of salvation and amazing love of God through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for us


Spend a thoughtful moment contemplating the great sacrifice of Jesus endured through a thoughtful glimpse of what really happened in Gethsemane.

The Sabbath

The most important message in this earth’s history – beautifully and sensitively summed up in a clear, concise, and easy to comprehend manner


Instrumentals, Hymns, and Original Songs

A Shelter In The Storm

The message of this old, well-beloved hymn is comforting because it reminds us of the fact that Jesus is our never failing, ever-present, unchanging, trustworthy Rock Fortress. We can hide in Him, our fortress, where it is cool and soothing to the weary. A shade by day and defense by night, we know that we are safe when we hide in Him.

The Blessing

After the Lord had given his wonderful law to the children that he loved through his faithful servant Moses, he asked Moses to give this special blessing to his priests Aaron and Aaron’s sons to speak over all of the children of Israel, not only on the mountain but throughout all generations for all who would become Israel through accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior and as their Heritage forever.

This is the blessing, the intent of our God regarding his people.

Have Mercy

Sometimes the mistakes we make in life make us feel like we can never come back from them. The damage feels too great. The change in life is unbearable.

It is in those times that we need to cry out to the Lord. When our hearts are broken, our futures shattered, when our loved ones and friends cannot help us, the sympathy and empathy of those around us cannot touch our sorrow.

There is only One that can truly give us Mercy.

Teach Us To Pray

When the disciples saw how Jesus prayed they longed to have the communion with God that they saw him partake in.

Prayer is the lifting up of our hearts to be connected to our Creator, it is the surrender of our will to His. It is the hand within the glove of faith. it is the breath of the soul expressing our Innermost heart cry.

Prayer is the two-way conversation that we as mere human mortals have with the God and Creator of the universe.

Prayer is not something that we do. It is something that we experience as we come into connection and into the presence of our loving Father in Heaven.

Here I Stand

Soon all will be called to make a choice between the Word of God and the commandments of men.

We pray that you will find the Rock to plant your feet on, and be able to say in that day, “I am bound by the Scriptures and my conscience is captive to the Word of God alone. Here I Stand, On God’s Word Alone. I Can Do No Other. May God Help Me.” Martin Luther, Kindler of the Reformation Fire 1512

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