Here I Stand

A beautiful compilation of true to life testimonies about standing for the truth, no matter what the cost.

This is an original book by Nicholas and Lauren Mazzio, available in digital or physical book format.

The story behind the book:

We wanted to share the truth that the Bible and the Bible only should be the standard of the true Christian’s faith, not traditions or man’s contradicting explanation of what God has plainly said.

We were so inspired by the true life stories of so many we have met, read about, and interviewed that we compiled and combined their stories into one amazing story.

This book is perfect for sharing Bible truth and encouragement without being preachy or pushy.

Folks can argue philosophy and dogma all day long, but a well communicated testimony is irrefutable.

About “Here I Stand”:

The only thing Gregory Martin was ever sure about was that he wanted to be a pastor. But where will he stand when the foundation of all he believes in suddenly vanishes?

Gregory Martin has been the underdog student at the prestigious Martin Luther Bible College for nearly his whole academic career. He resolves to change that status by figuring out what the mark of the beast is for his final prophecy thesis.

Through Providential circumstances and an unlikely friendship born in a laundry mat, Gregory learns about the forgotten history of the Reformation, – and the frightening truth about the impending rapture.

As he uncovers the long lost truths that gave Martin Luther the courage to stand for the Word of God no matter what the cost, will Gregory find the courage to make his stand for truth?

Another inspiring story of faith and courage from Solemn Appeal Ministries and authors Nicholas and Lauren Mazzio.

About The Luther Project:

This book is a part of The Luther Project, a collection of works designed to lead hearts and minds back to the belief that the Bible alone is our sufficient basis of faith and belief.

Other projects in The Luther Project include:

Martin Luther, Champion of the Lord (audio book)

The Sabbath (ShareCD(TM)

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