The Inspiring True Story of Martin Luther


The brave Reformers of the Dark Ages faced untold dangers from without and withering fears and doubts from within.

It is from the deep caverns of utter dependence of God and His Word alone that brings us the heart wrenching cries we now know as the familiar hymns such as “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” and “Depths of Mercy”.

These are the stories of the fires that wielded these powerful declarations of faith that have echoed down to us, undiminished, down through history.

From the cover of “Martin Luther, Champion of the Lord”:

Dangers multiplied before him; his enemies seemed about to triumph, and the powers of darkness to prevail. Luther trembled as he looked upon himself – one man opposed to the mightiest powers of earth. He sometimes doubted whether he had indeed been led of God to set himself against the authority of the church. In anguish of spirit he threw himself with his face upon the earth and poured out those broken, heart-rending cries, which none but God can fully understand.

“O almighty and everlasting God,” he pleaded, “how terrible is this world! Behold, it openeth its mouth to swallow me up, and I have so little trust in Thee! My last hour is come, my condemnation had been pronounced. O God, do Thou help me against all the wisdom of the world – for this is not my work, but Thine – and it is a righteous and eternal cause. O Lord, help me! Stand at my side, for the sake of Thy well-beloved Jesus Christ, who my defense, my shield, and my strong tower.”

“You have not answered the question put to you! You are required to give a clear and precise answer – will you , or will you not, retract?”

The next day he was to appear to render his final answer…

Dramatically narrated with original cinematic score.
Available as a single copy of the 3 CD Audiobook, downloadable Mp3, or both. Also available in bulk for sharing courage and faith with friends a family.

 May you always be found faithful as you stand for the truth whatever trials you may be facing. 

 About The Luther Project:

This audio book is a part of The Luther Project, a collection of works designed to lead hearts and minds back to the belief that the Bible alone is our sufficient basis of faith and belief.

Other works included in The Luther Project include:

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