Shelter in the Storm – Revived Reformation Hymns – Music CD – by The Rain

This is the ENTIRE MUSIC ALBUM entitled: “Shelter in the Storm”.

Reformation Hymns – Reborn and Refueled with Today’s Rekindled Fire for Truth.

The Hymns and Songs that were born out of those Reformation Fires were so filled with life, they rang true to our own songs, born out of our own dark experiences in the face of similar obstacles – the call to be faithful no matter what the cost or result.

We hope you enjoy these enlivened versions of these time tested battle cries to all down the ages to Stand for the Truth – and Leave the Results to God.

Freedom – inspiring, epic, original Music CD – by The Rain

This is the ENTIRE MUSIC ALBUM entitled: “Freedom”.

For the majority of this album’s creation, we were going through a very dark trial that nearly ended our lives. You can read more about it in our upcoming book, The Trial of Faith.

But God had spoken promises over us that were not fulfilled, and He urged us to cling to them as we walked together through the darkness of the valley of the shadow of death.

He promised that we would not die, and that once we were past the trial, we would have the experience needed to stand against the coming delusions soon to overtake this planet in these end times.

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