Freedom – inspiring, epic, original Music CD – by The Rain

Here I Stand A beautiful compilation of true to life testimonies about standing for the truth, no matter what the cost. Start 7 Original words and music by The Rain. This is a Single Song from the album “Freedom” The story behind the song: As some of...

Here I Stand – (book)

This is an inspiring, true to life story about standing for Bible truth, no matter what the cost. The only thing Gregory Martin was ever sure about was that he wanted to be a pastor. But where will he stand when the foundation of all he believes in suddenly vanishes? Through Providential circumstances and an unlikely friendship born in a laundry mat, Gregory learns about the forgotten history of the Reformation, – and the frightening truth about the impending rapture. As he uncovers the long lost truths that gave Martin Luther the courage to stand for the Word of God no matter what the cost, will Gregory find the courage to make his stand for truth?

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