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Telling Stories That Change Hearts

There are so many reasons why Jesus used stories to share the truth with His listeners. We follow His example and use this – the most effective method of sharing the Gospel.

Here I Stand - by Nicholas Mazzio and Lauren Mazzio

Here I Stand

The incredible true to life story of Gregory, who unwittingly uncovers the astonishing secret truth behind the left behind movement!

Martin Luther Champion Of The Lord - Audio Book

The Champion of the Lord

Encompassed with danger on every side, and tormented by doubts within, Martin Luther found the courage and faith in this one sure foundation that gave him the strength to stand against the mightiest foes in Earth’s history.

Here I Stand - by Nicholas Mazzio and Lauren Mazzio

A Thousand Shall Fall

Could pacifist Franz Hasel stay true to his faith when he drafted as a front line soldier in Hitler’s army?

Help us broadcast truth

The digital age has made spreading the Gospel worldwide a reachable goal. Where once it cost thousands to send missionaries, we now are able to send digital missionaries with messages of truth, hope, and love for pennies.

The average Christian movie reaches approximately 2 MILLION viewers in a matter of months – many in closed countries where it is dangerous or impossible to send missionaries.

Please partner with us as we create and broadcast the message of truth to the world!

meet the cast and crew of sorry lessons by theater of grace
Calvary Share CD by Solemn Appeal Ministries
shelter in the storm hymn cd by the rain share cd audio

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