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The Savior Spread The Good News Through Stories and Song

Jesus’ rich and resonant voice could be heard in words and song in the villages He ministered to, and echoing in the hills and valleys around His home.

Following His example, we believe sharing the Gospel in story and song is a memorable and effective way to reach hearts.

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Knowing about what Jesus taught isn’t enough. Our lives and actions reveal our king. We need to know God’s voice, follow His leading, and have faith in Him as our Lord and Savior.

soul stirring music

Music for Now

Music shapes our thoughts and actions by influencing our emotions with its words and melody. We can fortify our faith by choosing music that uplifts, edifies, and connects us to the Savior.

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Sharing your faith can sometimes feel awkward. You don’t want to be preachy, but you love Jesus and let’s face it, good friends share good things. We make it easy!

We make sharing your faith easy

We bring the perfect ingredients together to make it easy for you to get excited about sharing what you believe with others.

So next time you meet up with a friend, grab a CD or book and bring it with you to give to them. Because when you really love something, you just can’t keep it to yourself.

You just can’t keep it to yourself

Let’s face it. We love to share our experiences – good or bad.

We love the feeling of connecting with others, seeing our feelings validated by the echo of their response – about a good movie, a good book, a great song.

We make it easy to share what you love most. Jesus and his love.

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Faith COmes by hearing

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